Thursday, February 24, 2011

What did you do today?


Okay. Here's what I did on this happy little snow day (yes, it actually *did* snow today). I slept in, stared at TweetDeck, played TrekTrivia on said TweetDeck (tied for first with @beckyblackbooks) *pats self on back*, stared at Outlook because I'm waiting for an email, made lunch for the kiddos, and called my mom. OH! And I watched the launch of Discovery on its final mission (STS-133 - check out the deets here This is always a nail-biter since in my lifetime I've seen two launches come to a disastrous end.

So, most of the day I did have my rear end in a chair but I didn't write anything important. Should have been researching some non-fic projects or even more research and writing on Wake Island. Social Media ruled my life today. I should probably get an Alphasmart or something because the internet is just too tempting. Now it's almost dinnertime.

I do feel better for having admitted my slacker ways. Which I guess is okay since I don't have a deadline right now.


Julie K said...

Hey, if you don't have a deadline, why not slack off for a day. Sometimes that mental break is needed!

Julie K (you know, the one who came home from work and played Treasure Isle for 25 minutes)

Linda G. said...

What Julie said. Sometimes you just have to recharge. :)

Rose said...

You guys are right, of course. :-) I'm working today though!