Friday, February 25, 2011

Amazing Girl: Adora Svitak

For some reason I was thinking about this girl today. Her name is Adora Svitak. I first learned about her at a faculty meeting during inservice week last August.

Here's a bit from her profile at "A voracious reader from age three, Adora Svitak's first serious foray into writing -- at age five -- was limited only by her handwriting and spelling. (Her astonishing verbal abilities already matched that of young adults over twice her age.) As her official bio says, her breakthrough would soon come 'in the form of a used Dell laptop her mother bought her.' At age seven, she typed out over 250,000 words -- poetry, short stories, observations about the world -- in a single year."

She is thirteen now. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What did you do today?


Okay. Here's what I did on this happy little snow day (yes, it actually *did* snow today). I slept in, stared at TweetDeck, played TrekTrivia on said TweetDeck (tied for first with @beckyblackbooks) *pats self on back*, stared at Outlook because I'm waiting for an email, made lunch for the kiddos, and called my mom. OH! And I watched the launch of Discovery on its final mission (STS-133 - check out the deets here This is always a nail-biter since in my lifetime I've seen two launches come to a disastrous end.

So, most of the day I did have my rear end in a chair but I didn't write anything important. Should have been researching some non-fic projects or even more research and writing on Wake Island. Social Media ruled my life today. I should probably get an Alphasmart or something because the internet is just too tempting. Now it's almost dinnertime.

I do feel better for having admitted my slacker ways. Which I guess is okay since I don't have a deadline right now.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy News!

Yay for Linda Grimes! I woke up this morning to find that she has, with the help of her wonderful agent, scored a TWO book deal with Tor. Tor! Wow.

In other happy news, it's a snow day for my eldest. That's pretty cool, but not as cool as a two book deal with Tor. I'm also almost finished with but that isn't as cool as a two book deal with Tor either.

Linda, I'm super proud of you! I can say I knew you when. Like when we almost got killed driving back from Surrey? That would have put a damper on the whole book deal thing, right?