Saturday, August 15, 2009

Stuff that looks like faces.

One of my favorite photos from my Hawaiian vacation is the one that looks like a face. I'll post it again so y'all don't have to scroll down. This one was a tiny detail in a giant clam shell I checked out at the Waikiki Aquarium. An amazing place BTW. Check it out.

I was looking through all my other photos to see if I had anything else that qualifies. Here's a close up of a Cauliflower Coral I encountered while snorkeling off Waikiki Beach.

This face -- well it really is a face, but I thought it worthy of a spot here.

And another...

Okay. Back to my original point. Look around you. I mean really look around. What do you see? Sure, most of us see the big stuff. But if you really look, you can find amazing things. Faces for instance. But the world is really rather beautiful if you slow down and just look.