Monday, April 23, 2007

Summer Writing Camp at Evergreen Academy!

While eldest is home sick today, I thought I'd use the time to whip the yearbook into shape and plan my summer writing camp.

It will be in the library during the week of July 23rd from 9 to noon. I'm hoping to snag a local author to come and visit us for one of those days. The goals of the camp are to get these kids *excited* about writing and convince them that they are all writers. They will work on their stories during the week and, hopefully, I'll be binding their work together for them to take home.

If you're an Evergreener, all the sign up info went home in the Friday Folders.


Julie K said...


That's terrific news! I know the kids are going to _love_ it!

Way to go!!

Julie K

Gretchen said...


I'll see if I can't light some fire under some bums this July for the writing class. Sounds good. If you're ever bored, check me out at

Rose said...


I hope so!


Rose said...

It's Gretchen!

Thanks! It would be wonderful to see your offspring there. {g}

Is the eldest one doint iCamp this summer?


P.S. I linked ya, baby!

Susan Adrian said...


Sadly, too far for my offspring. {g} Still, very cool for you!


Rose said...

Hi Suze,

Yeah! It should be fun!