Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Hate Moving

I really do. I'm just not cut out for it.

I am currently being punished for my lack of organizational skills: I have no internet at my apartment until Friday, my wardrobe is split up in boxes between the apartment and the house, I don't have any mayonnaise, I don't have any liquor, and I am also out of coffee.

I'm at work and I've poached a signal from the neighboring apartments. Thank Dog for silly fools who do not encrypt their wireless. I would use the internet here at work, but it is filtered and, since all my friends cuss like sailors, checking my e-mail at work is an exercise in futility.

Over and out.


Susan Adrian said...

[since all my friends cuss like sailors]

What the fuck? I do not. I am perfectly mom-like in shit.

Christiane said...

Here's one friend that says thank god your friends cuss like sailors, I am sick of living in Stepford myself...
Enjoy spring break and good luck with the move!

Rose said...


See? That's another reason I love ya. {g}


Rose said...


Hell yes! {g}

Hope you guys have a great spring break too! Eldest daughter is in camp this week, so we'll be finishing up the move.


Hélène B said...


I was trying to see if my blog would show up if I googled Helene Boudreau blog and I found you! Cool! I hope you don't mind that I linked you.

Where did you get that cool word count meter? I was looking for that very thing!

Helene B

word verification 'bffthn'
sounds like a bodily emission of some sort...

Rose said...


Yay! I'm so glad you came by! I hope you don't mind I linked to your website. I always love stopping by there to see what you've painted.

So, where's your blog?

I got the meter thingum at (I think...)


Hélène B said...

Hi Rose,

I'm at
I just started it, but come have a boo anytime.

I tried to figure out that word count thingie, but I'm a bit dense. Might be a while before I get that working.

Helene B

Hélène B said...

Oh! No worries, I found a idiot proof one here:

Phew! Thank goodness for all the clever people who think of these things for us. LOL

Helene B

Rose said...


The meter looks nice on your blog! And yay for you re Logan's Boat. I can't wait to read it!


Deborah said...

Hey Rose!

I followed your name from my blog to I'll add you to mine. *s*

And where did you get that cool little 'progress' graph on the right side of the screen?

(waving hello!)

gretchen.hanna said...


So glad to have found your blog, Rose. Yeah, moving sucks, but you'll be so glad to be in the new abode. Your progress on the book is amazing given the busy life you lead! I'm impressed. See you soon.

P.S. Love the name of your blog. :)

Rose said...

Hey Gretchen!!!

I'm so glad you popped over here.

I'm typically a verrryyy sloooooowwww writer, but I think having a low word count as a goal helps. My other wip about Wake Island won't be ready for years.

See you tomorrow!