Monday, March 12, 2007

Now I can get on with it.

Report cards. Check!

Now I can get on with my life. I have a lot of words to make up, but it should be a piece of cake. I love cake.

Speaking of cake. Er. Okay. Not such a smooth transition, but I am over-the-top-stoked about the upcoming Surrey International Writers Conference this October. It's always such a shot in the arm. I'm hoping for the double-whammy this year because I plan to attend the annual Brantford Adult Book Camp in August. No, not those kind of adult books... Reminds me of that Tom Lehrer song. "Give me smut and nothing but..."

Off to write.


Sara Howe said...


Susan Adrian said...


I love cake too. {G}

(oh yeah, and I'm also excited about Surrey already!)

Rose said...




Rose said...


I can't stop thinking about it! {g}


kc dyer said...

Hey Rosie,

Got my reader to accept you. Hooray for completed report cards!!


Rose said...

Thanks, k!

And yay! I'm honored to be in your reader. {s}


Anonymous said...

{ears perking} Did somebody say cake?

Well, I guess finishing report cards is almost as good as cake. Not chocolate cake with creamy fudge frosting, mind you, but maybe a nice yellow cake with vanilla frosting.{g}

Linda G

Rose said...


Oh, man. Now I have to run to the store and get the ingredients. Sprinkles, too.

Waitaminnut. What am I thinking? I'm jetting off to Vegas tomorrow, dahling. {g}