Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Leaping Place of Souls

So, here's a good summary of the main idea that spurred me into writing this new book. It's from the Alternative Hawaii site (click here).

There is an ancient Hawaiian myth about a place called Kaena Point (on Oahu), which was known as the Leaping Place of Souls. The souls of the dead wandered this place until they leapt into the night, thus departing from the earth. Spooky, eh? Evidently, good souls moved to the right when they leapt and those who moved to the left when they leapt fell into the pit of endless night.


Julie K said...

Cool story - that sounds like a terrific starting place for a cool story! And yay you on the line on that progress meter - whoo-hoo!

Julie K

Susan Adrian said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "keep to the right", huh? {g}

Good work on the progress!


Rose said...


I was so intrigued and, with my obsession with all things Hawaiian, I couldn't _not_ write it. {g}



Rose said...


Yeah -- keep to the right. Or keep to the write. Har. I couldn't resist. {g}

Thanks, Suze!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place--and a very cool myth. I can see why you'd find it inspiring.

keep to the "write," indeed. Tee-hee.

Linda G.

Rose said...

Thanks, Linder!


Anita Daher said...

Say, where'd ya get that neato progress meter, Rose? I could use a couple.

Rose said...

Hi Anita!

I got it at It's a pretty handy little do-dad.


Anita Daher said...

Thanks Rose!

Beth said...


What a cool name for a blog.

I visited Hawaii for the first time ever last February and it was just incredible. I can't wait to have the opportunity to go back. Good luck on your Hawaii story!

Rose said...


I'm glad you stopped by.

Hawaii is incredible, isn't it?

How's your writing coming along? I'll go check out your blog.


Beth said...

Well, it _is_ coming along, though more slowly than I would like. Still, all progress is good, yes?