Friday, March 02, 2007

Hey. I've started a new project.

I've been writing like a good girl today! My goal with this one is 6000 words. Actually, the project should be short, like 5000 words, but I've built in some cut room.

And what is it? Middle-grade historical fantasy. Heavy on the fantasy. Set in Hawaii. I love Hawaii.

Yeah, so if I write 500 words a day, it should take 12 days. I can do that.

Update: Yay, me! 618 words.


Julie K said...

Whoooo - hoooo - way to go, you! That's some good writing all in one day!

Julie K

Rose said...

Thanks, Julie!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Rose! Keep writing, and keep blogging about it. You rock. {s}

Linda G

Rose said...

Thanks, Linda!

You rock too. {g}